Development on mobile platforms is exploding in popularity – it probably began when Apple launched its iTunes App Store and escalated as Google Android-based smartphones were relentlessly introduced into the market, lest not forget Nokia, with its relatively strong follower base used to its Symbian platform.

The platform wars are constantly being fought over re-drawn battlelines, influenced by developer adoption and consumer popularity. It feels exciting, addictive even, to be in the middle of it all, as platform builders rush to release new SDK versions that incorporate more functionality, ease-of-use and speed-to-market, telco providers release ever more innovative services, and developers launch cool and creative applications and games.

Personally, I started off with the Android platform and I’m still developing on it as part of my work (yes, I’ve found a way to get smart phones paid for by my office and work time devoted to developing and playing with mobile apps!). It does help that we gained a lot of boot-camp experience by joining CodeXtremeApps 2009 and hacking our way through the 24-hour competition where we really tested our limits and willpower. Winning a Merit prize was the icing on the cake for us first-time developers. 😀

Currently, I’m also starting to learn to develop on the Symbian platform, for its energy-efficiency. In time, I’ll probably find another excuse to attend some courses on iPhone development. But for now, I shall really focus on curbing my addiction to Tap Tap Revenge. 😀


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